About us

More than Willow is based in rural Shropshire. We are a young business but have a long history of growing and using herbs, creating habitats for wildlife and growing and weaving willow.

We want to share our enthusiasm for willow, herbs, plants and the natural world to inspire you to get creative with willow;   use plants to increase the wildlife in your garden and to know more about the versatility of herbs.


A collection of willow ringsWillow and dogwood Crhistmas treehand made willow dragonfly
We grow a variety of willow specially selected for colour and their properties for weaving beautiful things.

We weave decorative, functional and fun items – dragonflies, celebration rings and wreaths, stars, bird feeders and much more all out of locally grown natural materials.

We also want others to get the sense of enjoyment and achievement from weaving so we run workshops and give talks to inspire you to get creative.

Have a look at our event page to find our where and when our next event or workshop will be.

Herbs grown in peat free compost are sold together with top tips on how to use and make the most of their natural properties in our daily life.

Wildlife plants
A garden should benefit all who enter it from humans to our native wildlife.Our cottage garden plants and wild flowers, grown in peat free compost, help provide nectar and pollen for bees, butterflies and other insects to increase the wildlife in your garden.

Sharing, encouraging and helping others learn more is a basic ethos of More than Willow and so we run a series of workshops, give talks and attend events.