About us

More than Willow is based in rural Shropshire. We are a small business with a long history of growing and using herbs, growing and weaving willow and enjoy sharing our interests and skills to encourage others to be creative and to take inspiration from the natural world.

Willow workshops

Due to Covid-19 we have paused our programme of workshops until we feel it is safe and sensible to resume – we hope to be back in the late autumn in time for the festive season. 

We run weaving workshops using the natural world and seasons for inspiration. Locally grown willow and other natural materials are used to encourage creativity and a sense of enjoyment and achievement.

Willow items to purchase

We are currently not attending events to sell items so if you see a photo of something you would like to buy on our website, instagram or facebook pages  do get in touch info@morethanwillow.co.uk . We are in the process of setting up an on line shop so keep an eye on our instagram and facebook pages for more information .

Herbs – grow them, love them, use them

bowl-of-herbs.jpgMany of us grow herbs in our gardens but never quite get around to using them. We run workshops and give talks on herbs to share our passion for these wonderful plants that are so useful for us and for bees and other insects too.  Be prepared to smell, taste and discover more about them.

A selection of herbs grown in peat free compost are available for sale at our events.

Talks demonstrations and events for groups

Sharing, encouraging and helping others learn more is a basic ethos of More than Willow and so we regularly give talks, demonstrations and run workshops throughout Shropshire and the West Midlands.

If you would like us to give a talk or run a small workshop for family and friends please get in touch info@morethanwillow.co.uk it is always a pleasure to share our enthusiasm with others.